Should I Tell My Husband About My Adultery?

I have been married for seven years. The first five years were wonderful. Then I started hanging out with an ungodly crowd, and I ashamed to say I cheated on my husband. I didn't sleep with any men, but I did fool around with several. I confessed this to my husband and he forgave me. 

Then I met a Christian man who was very much like me, I fell in love with him, and we did have sex twice. He's married also. We realize what we have done is wrong and have both asked God to forgive us; however, we haven't told our spouses -- should we? I'm afraid if I tell my husband he won't forgive me this time. 

Also I'm afraid if I do tell him he'll figure out who the man I cheated with is, thereby possibly destroying his marriage. There are two innocent spouses here who would be terribly hurt if we confessed to them. I feel it is better to ask God's forgiveness and repent, but I also feel terribly guilty keeping this secret. What do you think I should do? Please help me out… your comment and advice will be highly appreciated.

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  1. You dont need to tell him because he might change his attitude towards you but you also need to change ur ways.

  2. I think the truth shall set u free. You just have to pray really hard bou this first. Seek counsel from your pastor. In your heart of hearts u kno the best thing to do. T depends on wat yo priority is: F u want to live on a clean conscience then tel your husband. You might lose your marriage but u would have done the right thing, yo husband might forgive u but its not guaranteed. Or keep this secret to the grave and always have a guilty conscience...the choice is yours