If she could turn back the hands of time, she would have reversed her first marriage to her estranged husband. This was one of the high points of many issues that dominated discussion when the delectable Yoruba actress Mercy Aigbe, was hosted on O’odua M’oun M’aworan, on Start Times recently.

The Edo State born actress, who spoke on many issues about her life, marriage and career, was quick to mention that her regret in life was that she wished her present hubby  Lanre Gentry, was her first husband, her life would have a perfect run.

“I wish my present husband Lanre Gentry was the first man I got married to as my husband, my life would have been perfect one and my marital life would have been a smooth ride. But God understands why he allowed it to happen that way”. Mercy enthused.

O’odua M’oun M’aworan is a lifestyle and entertainment TV Channel on StarTimes, Channel 204, with its celebrity host programme aimed at celebrating the entertainment industry stakeholders that have contributed to the growth of the industry with their talents and time.

O’odua M’oun M’aworan, is a spanking new entertainment channel airing on Channel 204 on Cable TV, Startimes, aims at changing the phase of the entertainment world, with its diverse and exclusive packages.
According to Sola Fajobi, the man behind the Next Movie Star and CEO of O’odua M’oun M’aworan, “The O’odua Television, (Channel 204 on Startimes), is aimed at delivering credible alternatives and varieties. The world becomes more enjoyable and worth living when you have assorted alternatives. It is an entertainment platform targeted at youths.

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