Mercy Johnson's Advice To The Weak.

I quote "I know right now you may be stressed, worried, troubled, disappointed, dumped, confused….. But everything is gonna be OKAY in the END. If it’s not okay then it’s not your end, trust me. You just still have to keep on trying till you make it. I know you are asking yourself several questions like why me being poor? Why me being disappointed? Why me being Jobless? Why me being confused? Why me being homeless? Why me being cheated on? Why me not having my own house? Why me being dumped? Why me being childless? Why me being single? Why I not being happy like other people? and many more different questions. Everyone has his or her own day of luck; we all have different chances and opportunities. They just never happen on the same days. Your day will come. So don’t LOSE HOPE and don’t think of GIVING UP right now. You will be the happiest at the END. It’s a matter of being PATIENT, DETERMINED and praying to GOD. Don’t hate yourself and don’t hate life because you’re not the only one in that situation. We are all going through that. God be with us all."

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