Buhari Is Responsible For Boko Haram Attacks - Dr. Doyin Okupe

Dr. Doyin Okupe representing Goodluck Jonathan against perceived enemies have categorically blamed the incessant attacks by “Boko Haram” on General Moharmadu Buhari,  he disclosed that
General Muhammadu Buhari is responsible for the state of insecurity in Nigeria. "Nigerians should ask him, as a former Head of State and stakeholder in the Nigeria project and a man who wants to be President again, if he would want Nigeria to be destroyed up to a point before he can try to wade in? It does not work that way.

As a former Head of State, have you ever seen him (Buhari) visiting Borno or Yobe State? Have you ever seen him show sympathy to people, either Christians or Muslims that have been killed during these attacks (by Boko Haram)?

Have you see him as a leader, a man who traversed the entire length and breadth of the North especially to canvass for votes seeking an end to the violence; why is it that he cannot use that same clout that he has to get leaders together and say we must put an end to this carnage?

He finds it comfortable to shift the blame to other people. What has he done as a leader, who is from that region to help Nigeria and the North out of this unfortunate development?

Now that we know Buhari is responsible according to Okupe,  why not arrest him and bring him to justice? Enforce the law Mr "President".

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