Reasons Why 2Face Choose Dubai for His White Wedding

There have been lots of controversies across the air wave over the just wedded couple Annie and 2face Idibia’s white wedding held in Dubai. The wedding was attended by most Nigerian celebrities including Don Jazzy, Face, Davido, Ini Edo, Okocha and many more. 

But surprisingly Black Face, who happens to be the group leader of the plantation boys far back then, tweeted that he does not go to where ever he is not invited. 

Imagine that… I will come back to him latter.

Back to the matter: The main reason why 2face choose Dubai is just because he is a man of many women who already has affair with so many ladies in the past and still counting (this is not a hidden fact), 2face is a handsome guy, cool and intelligent. Most ladies (Singles and Even Married Women) wouldn’t mind sharing their bed with this young dude.

Now, Imagine a man like 2face having his wedding on the Island here in Lagos. It won’t just work out well because lots of his male and female fans will be present, that’s a nice one anyway. Having good people around you especially on an occasion like that but the problem is that most of his female fans will be there for their own personal mission which is entirely different from the ongoing wedding.

Some of his female fans will be trying to find their way close to him just to touch his soft skin while some will be trying to exchange contact with him then have a date for another day and of-cause remember that all his baby mamas and his concubine will be present too which I’m sure most of his concubines are not through with him yet. 

I can’t just imagine what will happen if the pastor asks “if there is any person who does not want this wedding go on” probably that’s where the owe event will end because the rate at which Nigeria ladies will stand up… Fear go catch the pastor self.

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