My Romance With MI - Waje Finally Opens Up

Talented singer, Waje finally opens up about her romance with MI.

In a recent interview with Waje , when asked about the rumour about dating MI, read what she had to say below.

There is this rumour about you and MI-

Me and MI are best friends, that is all.
Tell us about this friendship 

There is nothing to say about it really. We first met when I was in Enugu and he came for a show. When we met in Lagos, we hooked up and we have been doing stuff together musically. He is somebody who is very passionate about his music and I like him for that.

Where is the rumour of an affair between the two of you emanating from, even Olamide  mentioned it in his song?

I think it is just what you media guys started. We are just friends, and maybe you guys wanted a Nigerian version of Jay Z and Beyonce, so they just hooked us up by themselves.

Don’t you think MI likes you?

I saw his Tweet where MI complained that you had “brother zoned” him. (laughs) Leave him a beg, he is not serious, we are just friends. Even if we are dating, is it something I would tell the world?

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