Nigerian accent Is The 5th Sexiest In The World - CNN  
...Some Nigerians are actually worth giving your bank account information to.

Nigeria Accent has been rated as the 5th sexiest world accent, its indeed a pride for Nigerian because the fact is that no accent is sexy when it’s strong enough to crush a beer can. Which means not all accents are created equal.Below is the list of all 12 world sexiest accent starting from the 12th sexiest accent. 

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12. Argentine
Sounds like: A tightly tuned guitar of G-strings strummed by a lamb shank

11. Thai
He not only floats like a butterfly, he speaks like one, too.
Sounds like: R-rated karaoke

10. Trinidadian
If their accents don’t seduce you, their mon bosoms will.
Famous tongues: Nikki Minaj, Billy Ocean
Sounds like: A rubber life raft bobbing on a sea of steel drums

9. Brazilian Portuguese
She screams, she scores!
Famous tongues: Alice Braga, Anderson Silva
Sounds like: The near, then far, then near again hum of a low-wattage vacuum cleaner that runs on dance sweat

8. U.S. Southern
Y’all, we love it when y’all call us y’all. Especially when y’all are wearing orange chaps.
Famous tongues: Matthew McConaughy, Britney Spears
Sounds like: Molasses taking a smoking break
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7. Oxford British
“Down to your last pair of socks then, what?”
Famous tongues: Hugh Laurie, Sienna Miller
Sounds like: A crisply ironed shirt playing a harp

6. Irish
Just lay off the leprechaun jokes and you’ll be fine.
Famous tongues: Colin Farrell, Andrea Corr
Sounds like: A marauding pixie

5. Nigerian
Some Nigerians are actually worth giving your bank account information to.
Famous tongues: King Sunny Adé, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
Sounds like: The THX intro with teeth

4. Czech
Smoky eyes? Czech. Intrguing history? Czech. Meat-flavored accent? Czech.
Famous tongues: Petra Nemcova, Jaromír Jágr
Sounds like: Count Dracula, secret agent

3. Spanish
“¿Número tres? ¿Qué clase de idiota eres?” Ah, no one rejects us so hotly.
Famous tongues: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz
Sounds Like: An outboard motor on Lake Paella
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2. French
Even when they pout it sounds good.
Famous tongues: Sophie Marceau, Jean Reno
Sounds like: A 30-year-old teenager

1. Italian
Even when bathing in a fountain, a romance language is a romance language.
Famous tongues: Monica Bellucci, Alessandro Del Piero

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